You will find independent information regarding premiums and fees for oral care 2020 for all healthcare insurers at where you will also find a policy comparison tool.

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Infomedics submits your invoice directly to the insurers! 

Direct invoice submission


At the request of many patients and because of the large amount of administrative work this involves, as from August 2013 we have decided to send your invoice to Infomedics. Infomedics will then claim, directly through your insurance company, the amount for which you are insured. (The amount reimbursed will depend on your insurance package). Therefore, always ask for an estimate and check this with the insurer prior to receiving treatment.) For all costs that are not reimbursed, you will then receive an invoice from Infomedics. You can then transfer the amount payable to Infomedics. This sending and collection of invoices on instruction is known as 'factoring'. Factoring means that we have less paperwork and therefore more time for you as

a patient. For more information, see the website:


Your invoice will be taken care of by the factoring company Infomedics. This mean that we send your invoice to Infomedics, and that you receive your invoice from Infomedics or your insurance company. In principle, the route is as follows: Infomedics> insurance company. The insurance company pays Infomedics for the insured portion. Infomedics sends you an invoice for the remaining sum.

This can differ from person to person.

a. Because you have stated that you would first like to receive the invoice at home.

b. Your insurance company does not accept the invoice from Infomedics.

c. If the information that we have received about you is incorrect.

In all of these cases, the invoice will be sent to your home address from Infomedics and you

have to pay this invoice within the payment period.

Should you have any questions about your invoice, you can contact our patient service line: 

036-2031900 or visit (

The dentist is committed to providing good care when providing treatment for your teeth.

We hence provide a guarantee for the dentistry we perform, including crowns

The various procedures during the treatment are itemised on the dental invoice. 

Each procedure is described on the invoice, with a code and the date on which the treatment

took place. These rates can be found below, with an explanation of the meaning of the codes.

For treatments that cost more than € 150.00, you can receive an estimate beforehand.


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