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Our main focus is to offer the highest quality to our patients. In addition to quality you will experience diligence, efficiency and tranquility, as well as personal attention, customised care and child-friendliness while you are in our care.

Our practice is         wheelchair accessible and the waiting area has Free 

Royal Dental features it Quality mark of Dekra


Welcome to Royal Dental Dentistry


Your practice for general dentistry, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, implantology and oral hygiene. Royal Dental consists of a team of experts specialising in diverse sub-areas.

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Royal Dental uses a new device for X-ray examination ORTHOPHOS XG 3D

Royal Dental has recently taken the new device.

With the Orthophos we can now even better analyze the status of your teeth.

It is a widely used device by dentists. In the video below you can see the developments of X-ray technology that has evaluated to 3D. The benefits of 2D were already significant. Now the benefits of 2D and 3D have come together.


Royal Dental continues to develop to always ensure the best diagnosis and treatment.

 The device also has a much less radiant radiation than previous instruments.

Watch a video about this method.


Our team

Dr. M. Khatib

Dentist & Director

MSc Oral Surgery


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Irma Langenhoffperiodontal-prevention assistant and office assistant 

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Geertrui Wegeling

Office and administrative staff

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X-ray recording is an important diagnostic tool in dentistry. With the help of X-ray recordings, we can look between the teeth and under the fillings, and see whether or not tooth decay or caries is present. In addition, we can assess whether there are abnormalities in the jaw bone. On X-rays, cavities are visible at an early stage, so that only a small filling is needed in case of restoration.


If we wait until the cavity can be seen with the naked eye, the required filling is much larger,

and more tooth structure is lost.


On large-scale retrospective X-rays (OPG), wisdom teeth can also be viewed, even if they have not yet surfaced. Based on these X-rays, we can then assess whether or not to expect any problems. Furthermore, OPG also offers the possibility to see all cases of root tip inflammation, possible root residues, but also the location of the complete teething of a child and the bone level in the case of vertical implantology. In short, taking radiographs on time can prevent problems in the future.


Implants offer a result when you miss a tooth or a choke. An implant is similar to an artificial root that replaces a missing tooth root. A crown, bridge or snap pad can be placed on this artificial root, so you can laugh, talk and eat again freely.

  • Practical and long lasting solution

  • A natural looking and sensible result

  • Made of body-friendly materials

  • Joins for decades

More information and sample videos

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New treatments


CEREC is a restoration method using computer technology to make restorations (CAD/CAM), Such as crowns, inlays, onlays, facings. The system consists of: a camera, scanner, 3D software and computer controlled grinder. With CEREC, in many cases a crown or other replacement restoration can be made within one and the same visit. Watch a video about this method.



Sometimes patients already message me several hours after the periodontal treatment that they are free of symptoms and can simply go back to work. Clinically measurable results, such as the reduction of pocket depths, correspond with the results that may be expected from a conventional treatment using hand tools. Subjectively, however, the treatment results appear to be significantly better in all criteria. Even with significant periodontitis, with pocket depths of up to seven millimeters and which previously required an open therapy, it is worth to perform a closed therapy with the PerioScan.


Fast and efficient process


A periodontal treatment is usually an unpleasant experience for patients. Therefore it is of no surprise that treatments with the PerioScan are generally well accepted. The entire process is significantly faster and more efficient. The gingival sulcus always heals well so that interdental spaces rarely occur - an aesthetic problem that is extremely unpleasant for both the patient and

the dentist. Diagnosis and treatment are also easier to follow up. Once patients hear the signal sound, they immediately know that: the dentist has identified deposits, there is something there that will now be removed immediately. Thus, the diagnostic function of the PerioScan brings objectivity into the practice, which I could never achieve with a subjective conversation due

to the physician-patient relationship.

SIROLaser Advance


SIROLaser Advance sets new standards in terms of ease of use and flexibility. With the new SIROLaser Advance, Sirona has introduced a diode laser that combines laser technology

with a high user convenience.


Wide spectrum of us

The SIROLaser Advance offers a wide range of uses for modern patient care in modern

dentistry. The preset therapy programs guarantee rapid treatment with little pain for the patient, regardless of whether it concerns periodontics, endodontics, surgery, oral ulcers, sensitive tooth roots or pain control.


Emergency Treatments


For emergency care you can almost always reach us within 24 hours, and can often visit the same day. Please contact us via telephone number 010-4505983.


Emergency treatment outside of opening hours


Outside our regular opening hours, you can reach us in evenings and weekends for urgent complaints, such as an accident, subsequent bleeding or severe pain. In such cases, please contact the central emergency department via telephone number 010-2717729 Through this number you can inquire about the attending dentist.



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08:00 - 12:45 | 13:30 - 17:00 uur

08:00 - 12:45 | 13:30 - 17:00 uur

08:00 - 12:45 | 13:30 - 17:00 uur

08:00 - 12:45 | 13:30 - 17:00 uur

Royal Dental

Your practice for general dentistry, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, implantology and oral hygiene. Royal Dental consists

of a team of experts specialising in diverse sub-areas.  

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