House Rules

Your personal data

You must carry at all times an identity document and valid proof of registration from 

your insurance company, such as an insurance card.


Your personal data must be up-to-date


You are always personally responsible for ensuring that, in the event that this changes, we are informed of any changes to your data (for example, a change in healthcare insurer, address or telephone number). We are not responsible for any consequences arising from you not informing us of changes, or not informing us of these on time.


Waiting time


We endeavour to treat everyone on time. We want to ensure that our patients receive the treatment they need and that means that treatment could take more time than expected.

If you have had to wait, we will also ensure that the required time is spent on your treatment.

If you don't have time to wait, if you wish you can arrange a new appointment.




In our practice, we only provide treatment when you have an appointment and we do not operate a no-appointment policy (except for the weekend service). This means that it is pointless coming along without an appointment, hoping to receive immediate treatment. Appointments can only be arranged or cancelled by telephone or by email. If you are late for an appointment, there is a chance that the planned treatment cannot go ahead in full as intended, or that it may even have to be cancelled because of the resulting lack of time. 


Failure to turn up for an appointment


The healthcare provider is obliged to inform you, as the patient, of the consequences of failing

to turn up for appointments that have been made.


If you are unable to attend for an appointment, you must inform the practice of this at least 24 hours beforehand by telephone. If you continually fail to turn up for appointments, or are too late with cancelling appointments, we reserve the right to remove you from our practice patient list.


Medical data


Each time you attend for treatment, we ask that you inform us of your medical data such as the medication you take, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, infections, pregnancy, etc.; this is in both of our interests.


The invoice


The various procedures that took place during treatment are itemised on the dental invoice.

Each procedure is described on the invoice, with a code. A rate is linked to each code that is set by the government.



The patient is responsible for ensuring that payments are made in accordance with agreements. 



If you are dissatisfied with the treatment or way in which you were dealt with, we ask that you inform our staff of this as soon as possible. We may be able to rectify the situation immediately. Please ask us for a clarifying meeting,during which your dentist can once again explain why he did something in a certain way. Together, you can look for a solution. If you are unable to

resolve this together, you can obtain advice by telephone from the Dental Information Point (Tandheelkundig Informatiepunt) (TIP), which can be contacted on telephone number

0900-2025012. The TIP has been set up by our professional organisation, the Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT). If this also does not result in a satisfactory solution, you can utilise the KNMT complaints mechanism, with which we are affiliated. You can write a letter to or email the KNMT. You can also complete the online KNMT complaints form at 


Contact details of the KNMT 

Geelgors 1 

3435 CA Nieuwegein

Your property

Please take care of your property. The Royal Dental dental practice is not liable for damage

to or theft or loss of your property. You are advised not to leave your property unattended.

Failure to comply with the house rules


If a patient repeatedly fails to comply with the house rules, we shall inform him in writing that penalties will be applied if he once again acts contrary to the house rules. We produce an accurate file, containing all facts relating to visits and payment history.


If the patient has built up a history of late payments and 'no-shows' (not attending an appointment), the practice may decide to end the treatment agreement with the patient.

The patient actually isn't enabling the practice to treat him.


We will then have demonstrably repeatedly informed the patient of the potential termination

of the patient - healthcare provider relationship.



To be able to create a predictable situation for both parties, it is extremely important that you visit our practice regularly;in general, we recommend that children and adults attend for their regular check-ups twice a year. In consultation, if indicated, this number of visits can be increased or reduced. To ensure that your teeth remain in a good condition for as long as possible and to ensure that we have pleasant working conditions, we ask that you ensure you perform good oral hygiene; considering the importance that we attach to this, we will do everything possible to support you with this. Aggressive behaviour, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated and will result in you immediately being removed from the practice patient list.


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