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In terms of hygiene measures, we adhere as closely as possible to the 

Infection Prevention Working Group (Werkgroep Infectie Preventie) directive. These are rules formulated by the Infection Prevention Working Group. More information can be found on the Working Group's website 



In addition, we work with as many disposables (one-off use) as possible; these are disposed of hands-free. The practice adheres to the current requirements under the Nuclear Energy Act (Kernenergiewet), the KEW-dossier s present in the practice. The dentist holds the certificate of radiation expertise level 5. 


The dentist and practice staff have been vaccinated against the hepatitis B infection. In some dental practices, assistants and/or dental hygienists perform the six monthly check-up, give anaesthesia injections, or even remove fillings. You will never find practises of this kind at our practice. At our practice, only the dentist will perform this type of work. 


Working with protocols


Standardised working procedures are of particular importance to ensure the quality of the work. We follow proven procedures that are based on guidelines from the professional organisations and scientific associations in oral care. These procedures include recommendations that are generally applicable in the Netherlands, such as from the Healthcare Inspectorate, the Ivoren Kruis (Ivory Cross Association) and the Voedingscentrum (Nutritional Centre). Our own protocols are simple and clear. All staff are properly trained and have been given the right tools. The protocols are developed with the involvement of all staff and undergo continuous improvement. There is therefore much enthusiasm to introduce and then enforce these protocols. The practical information and team training contribute to ensuring that the standardised work processes are fundamentally correctly implemented.



thermodesinfector G 7891 with Drogen Plus 

The new standard in cleaning and disinfection, thermal disinfectants from the PG85 range Miele, the innovative market leader in instruments in practices, clinics, hospitals and CSA (centralised sterilisation departments), is the first manufacturer to offer a just 60-cm-wide thermal disinfector with integrated active air drying „Drogen Plus”. The new equipment concept enables comprehensive instrument treatment, with thorough cleaning, reliable disinfection and effective drying.

The hot air fan ensures precise drying, including of instruments with complicated shapes. A HEPA filter from the S class EU 12 integrated in the equipment ensures the purity of the air used for drying


The handpieces and contra-angles steriliser: (DAC)


Extremely clean air-rotor contra-angles and handpieces and contra-angles 

Royal Dental uses the DAC: a handpieces and contra-angles steriliser and also ensures optimal lubrication. The handpieces and contra-angles are treated using

a special fluid, killing 99% of all bacteria and viruses. The difficult manual cleaning

of the hollow spaces can now be left to the DAC UNIVERSAL, which cleans the instruments thoroughly both internally and externally before oiling and

sterilising them.

Melag Vacuklav 41 B+


The Vacuklav 41 B+ has a fractionated pre-vacuum process and an intensive post-vacuum drying process, meaning it is suitable for sterilising both packaged and unpackaged solid and complex hollow (type A) instruments.



Legionella management plan


A glass of drinking water from the tap: something that we don't have to give much thought to. In the Netherlands, clean and clear water from the tap is a given. But if you are asked to fill a glass with rinsing water from your treatment unit, would you drink that just as easily? Research has revealed that more than 70% of all treatment units in dental practices in the Netherlands work with polluted water, without staff being aware of this. Daily cleaning of the treatment units prevents

the further growth of (harmful) bacteria, but biofilms in the water system are more stubborn. Both patients and staff are exposed through cooling and spray water to bacteria and are at an increased risk of infectie. That is why at Royal Dental we have a certified company, which checks all items during inspections. Plus, we have

a quality report, with a full overview of the water quality. The inspection is performed twice a year.




As a practice, we have maintenance contracts for all sterilisation equipment. Every year, the equipment is maintained by Henry Schein. This is a certified supplier that employs competent maintenance engineers. These engineers check whether all parameters are measured properly. As proof, a sticker is stuck to the equipment with the date of inspection. Quality control is a continuous process and we therefore always give you the opportunity to provide your opinion regarding our quality. Don't hesitate to inform us of your views, experience or criticism using our contact form.

DEKRA Practice in Order certification  


Our practice meets the conditions laid down in the Practice audio checklist version 2.0 by  Dekra.

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