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  • Simple invoicing because of Infomedics.

Reimbursement by the insurer

In the event of a serious growth impairment in relation to the teeth, the treatment is usually covered by the basic insurance. Ask your healthcare provider whether, under your healthcare insurance, you are entitled to reimbursement for your implantology treatment.

What is an implant?

An implant is an artificial root made from titanium that, during implantology treatment,

is placed into the jaw. This plastic object looks like a screw and replaces the absent

root of the tooth. The implant provides support for a crown, bridge or an overdenture

(click dentures).


When is an implant needed?

A dental implant may present a solution when:

  • One tooth is being replaced by a crown

  • Several teeth are being replaced by a fixed bridge

  • When all teeth are being replaced by a full bridge or click dentures

For whom is an implant suitable?

In principle, any implant can be fitted in anyone with a fully grown jawbone,

provided that a couple of conditions are met:

  • Sufficient jawbone has to be present

  • The jawbone and gums are healthy

These two elements are checked by means of an oral examination and a general X-ray.

If insufficient jawbone is present, new artificial bone can placed in the missing areas.

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